Four Atlanta Pies to Impress Your Family, Friends and Enemies – Scout Mob

Sunday, Nov. 10, 2013

Oh, Autumn. The time of year when we gear up to stuff our (collective) face with finely-roasted turkeys, piles of mashed potatoes and, appropriately enough, stuffing. Also, pie. Yes, dear reader, it’s pie time, er, high time we start thinking about holiday desserts. If you, like us, have rudimentary culinary skills at best and have been tasked with the noble duty of pie provision for your Thanksgiving feast… well, we’ve got your solution right here. Four of ’em, in fact.

That’s right, four local, tried-and-true pie options that are sweet, savory and above all, jaw-droppingly delicious. Your relatives can’t make passive-aggressive comments about your job now! Not if they’re eating pie – that’s impolite!

Pumpkin Pie
The Little Tart Bakeshop
The most iconic of Thanksgiving desserts (except, maybe, that can-shaped cylinder of cranberry jelly), this version pays homage to the classic, and does it well. A rich blend of creme fraiche, caramel and organic, you guessed it – pumpkin, this pie does exactly what it should: delivers autumn to us on a platter. Order yours by Sunday, November 24.

Maple Pecan Pie
The Little Tart Bakeshop
This pie has bourbon. Need to know more than that? Well, we’ve raised you wrong. However, in the name of transparency, said pie also employs the use of Pearson Farm pecans, which don’t get in the way of the bourbon as much as you might think. Order yours by Sunday, November 24.

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